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Deleo Equipment Sale / ATOS Rigid Wing Hang Glider
Updated 7/11/2012

[ATOS Inspection Photos from 7/7/12]

ATOS VR / Model prior to the VR11

The glider was setup and inspected by Edward Skow and Tom Truax on 7/7/12

The glider is flyable and airworthy as is, but it is recommended that the following parts be replaced.  The parts are on order.

The 1st and 2nd inboard ribs on the right side.  The existing ribs were broken and repaired, but new ribs were ordered.
Estimated time to replace ribs during setup is 10 to 15 minutes.  It would help to have 2 people to manage sliding the sail back and pulling it back up.

The top center zipper.  It is hard to start the zipper, which is attached via velcro, so a new zipper has been ordered.
Estimated to replace zipper during setup is 3 to 5 minutes.

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http://www.a-i-r-usa.com/content.asp?ID=4257 Distributor's Product Description
http://www.a-i-r-usa.com/content.asp?ID=5983 Distributor Price List
Low air time. Clean blue and white sail. D cells have never been damaged. 2 base tubes,1.5 down-tubes and pneumatic wheels.
$10,900 FOB Ventura CA (add placed  by Tony Deleo on the OZ Report dated 6/17/12)
contact Mike Deleo